About Us

Created by Sara Maria in 2015, Bloom Krans has quickly become the go-to natural solution for those in need of a vaginal moisturizer that is gentle and all natural. After developing the product following personal suffering of persistent vaginal pain and discomfort after having her first child, Maria was ultimately diagnosed with Vulvodynia and prescribed a synthetic estrogen cream, but was concerned that using such a prescription could potentially affect her milk supply.  Considering these factors as well as a multitude of other possible side effects, Maria began searching for an all natural vaginal cream with no luck, and eventually decided on developing V. Harmony on her own as a result.
Bloom Krans products are made from natural and organic ingredients free of estrogen as well as any added dyes, fragrances, steroids, or harmful pH-altering synthetic preservatives.
With more than 56% of women between the ages 40-84 having experienced vaginal dryness as noted in a recent survey by Healthy Women, Bloom Krans hopes that many women find a solution with Bloom Krans products when it comes to vaginal dryness and discomfort when dealing with menopause and postmenopausal symptoms.